Huntington Beach Roofing Inspector
Huntington Beach Roof Inspector
Huntington Beach Roof Inspector
Inspector Huntington Beach
Roof Inspections Huntington Beach
Roof Inspector Huntington Beach
Roof Inspector Huntington Beach
Roof Inspector Huntington
  Roof Inspector Huntington Beach

What Is Inspected

  • All Roof Areas
  • Roof Flashing and Transitions
  • Roof Penetrations / Roof Hatches
  • Plumbing Vents
  • HVAC Vents
  • Gutters / Downspouts
  • Attic Space (when applicable)

Roof Report Includes

  • Photos included in all reports
  • Overview of Condition of Existing
    Roof Material and Previous
    Layers of Roofing Material
  • Overview of Condition of Existing
    Roof Flashing materials / methods
  • Written Documentation of Defects
  • Repair Recommendations

Roof Leaks Are Commonly Due To

  • Broken Roof Tiles
  • Missing Flashing
  • Worn Out Felt Underlayment
  • Cracking due to UV Exposure
  • Missing Shingles
  • Unsealed Roof Penetrations

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Roof Inspector | Point of Sale Roof Inspection Service
Huntington Beach, California

Whether your buying, selling, appraising, or renovating, knowing the condition of your roof can drastically change the status of the sale or scope. Our roof inspector will determine the general condition of your roof, it's life expectancy, and determine any maintenance or repairs needed. We provide a clear unbiased expert assessment of your roofs condition in PDF format for easy transimittal.

Everyone in the real-estate community knows it is critical to be able to count on your roof inspector to give you a quick, accurate, and detailed roof inspection report. What sets our company apart from other roof inspectors is our experience. Our roofing inspectors are knowledgeable in all types of roofing material on the market today. Our report will estimate the age of the existing roofing system, locate and identify any deficiencies, and estimate the remaining life expectancy for the roof. We provide our computerized roof inspection report via email within 24 hours from inspection, same day in most cases.

Got a leaky roof? Notice missing or out of place shingles or tiles, or are considering purchasing a home and want to no the condition of the current roof? If so, trust (310) ROOF INSPECTOR to provide a comprehensive report covering the condition of your roof, and recommend any roof repair or routine roof maintenance that needs to be completed.

Should the roof in question need repairs, replacement, or maintenance our company can typically complete the job within the escrow period. We focus on your existing roof and make sure that it is either in good repair or thoroughly document any deficiencies and suggest repair options. In addition to the roof inspection services we offer we are also perform roof repairs, emergency roof repairs, and roof maintenance plans. In most cases we can provide at a minimum, maintenance such that the entire existing roof remains leak-free for at least two to three more years.

Easy to Read Computerized Reports
All roof inspection reports are provided in PDF format and all conditions and deficiencies are clearly notated and referenced to specific digital photos. When many corrections and/or major corrections are required these digital photos make sure that whoever is responsible for the repairs has a clear outline of what needs to be done.

Throughout the inspection process the inspector will take photos of any visible evidence of current or future leak issues. All lphotos are included in the final written roof inspection report with explainations of our findings and the implications and recommendation for roof repairs. Estimated roof repair costs are included to both give the customer an idea of the costs associated with repairing the roof and also for negotiations during the home sale as well.

Roof Inspection & Roof Maintenance Program
With this service, you will have all roofs, chimneys, flashing, gutters and downspouts inspected. We will complete a checklist reporting the current condition of your roof system. We will make any minor repairs if applicable. If extensive work is needed, it will be reported to the owner and followed with a detailed written estimate. This service will be completed once yearly, and you are required to be home during this service.

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Huntington Beach Roof Inspector
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